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The Longest Commitment You Will Ever Make: The Top Three Tattoos To Avoid

One of the only things that lasts forever is a tattoo. Tattoos are used to express your inner self and should not be taken lightly. For example, you may have found the love of your life today, but if that person is not the love of your life a year from now, you will have a lot of explaining to do to your new significant other. Before you take the plunge and make a lifelong commitment, below are the top three tattoos that you should always steer clear of.

Tattoos In A Different Language

Some of the most popular tattoos are words or phrases in a different language. Many times, people get tattoos in languages that they don’t even speak. How will you know if your “Love” in Japanese tattoo really says “Love” in Japanese? You can never be too sure with a language you don’t speak, so it is best to stay away from these types of tattoos.

Instead, find a word or a phrase the means a lot to your and have that tattooed in a font that you like. This is ensure that you are actually getting the word or phrase that you want while adding a little personality to it.

Drunk Tattoos

It does not matter how many times your best friend says it’s a good idea, it is always a bad idea to get a tattoo while you are drunk. Things that sound like a good idea while intoxicated, usually aren’t. Even if you have always wanted a tattoo, it is best to wait until you are sober and clear minded to make that decision. A tattoo will be one of the longest commitments you will ever make, while a “good” drunk idea will only last until the next morning.

Wait until you are sober to get that tattoo that you’ve always wanted. If you do it while you are drunk, you won’t even have the ability to pick out the right one helps express who you really are. You may think that the poorly drawn version of Marvin the Martian depicts you perfectly, but when you wake up the next morning, it just might be the worst decision you ever made.

Partner Tattoos

At the beginning of every relationship you go through the “honeymoon stage” where everything is rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. While it may be tempting to profess your love to your newfound soul mate, it is best to stay away from these tattoos. Nothing is written in stone, including relationships. Somewhere down the road, you may find that you are your partner are not as compatible as you once thought and you are left with a tattoo of their name branded on your body forever. You will have a constant reminder of a relationship that didn’t last.

If you feel that you must prove your love to your partner with ink, find a tattoo of something that reminds you of that person. Find something that symbolizes that person. If the relationship goes south, instead of having a name permanently with you, you have a symbol of a life lesson. A symbol will also be a lot easier to explain to your new partner than a name.

Tattoos are a huge commitment and should be something that symbolizes who you are as an individual. Before you make a tattoo mistake, steer clear of the tattoos listed above and your decision will be much easier to make.

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Want To Plan A Traditional Irish Family Reunion? What To Know

Are your planning a family reunion with your loved ones that all share a strong Irish heritage and you want to make the day a fun and cultural experience? There are many ways that you can do that, even if you haven’t been to Ireland or you aren’t a first generation ancestor.

You don’t have to go overboard with Irish party supplies; instead you want to make sure that the food, activities and music are authentic. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider getting for the big day.

Tavern, Garden or Hall

To set the mood you want to find a tavern you can rent out, a large lush green garden, or even a hall where everyone can gather. Depending on the budget and the age of most of the guests, you’ll have to decide what is going to be the best for your family, and what location can accommodate all the entertainment and activities you want to provide for the day. Ireland has beautiful castles, gardens and countryside, so finding an outdoor space in warm weather to mimic the feel of the old country is great.

Irish Music

An Irish band in the area for the day would be great if you have that option. If not, playing all of the best famous Irish folk songs throughout history along with some other Irish top hits is a great way to get everyone doing traditional Irish dances and having fun. You can easily access this type of music online, and use a smart phone and a sound system to play all the tunes.

Irish Fare

The day needs to be filled with Irish dishes for people to dine on, and you can get the event catered or ask all of the family members to bring their favorite recipes. Different areas of the country in Ireland have different ways of cooking their corned beef dinner and other recipes, so it will be neat to sample the recipes that everyone has brought over. Appetizers, meal options and desserts will provide constant dining throughout the event.

If you have been looking for an excuse to get everyone in your family together, and you want to have a huge, traditional Irish family gathering, these are a few ideas to get you started. You can use old family traditions to make the day fun, and by the end of the family reunion you may have more traditions to carry on.

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Beat The Blahs With An Awesome Hollywood Viewing Party

Whether you are sick of wintry weather or if you feel out of sorts due to work, a Hollywood viewing party is a great way to beat the blahs and lift your mood. You can choose a popular movie that is available for stream, or invest in a cheap television series on blu-ray or disc to feature during your party. For instance, invite coworkers over for a marathon of old westerns, a popular sit-com, or an old serial drama—all which seem to have timeless appeal.

Some other tips for throwing a viewing party that is sure to beat the blues are:

Make the menu simple, but inspired.

Since it is a Hollywood-inspired shindig, serve up some snacks that your guests will love to nosh on. Instead of going with the chip, dip, and pizza menu that many might expect at a party, serve some dishes inspired by what you are watching. For instance, if you are watching a television comedy that takes place in the south, serve up southern fare like fried chicken, hush puppies, and watermelon cocktails; if you are watching an old British serial, serve some scones, tiny sandwiches, and tea.

Where you watch is pretty important.

A viewing party requires a venue that will give everyone a seat with a view of the screen. During warm weather, consider doing it in someone’s backyard and projecting your show on the side of a house or garage; tell guests to bring blankets and pillows for sprawling on the lawn. If you are doing an after-work party with friends, keep it small and invite them to sit on sofas, chairs, and pillows on the floor.

Create some cool favors for your friends.

Give your guests something to remember the night with by assembling some party favors. Consider giving them movie-theater popcorn boxes filled with goodies inspired by whatever movie or show you are watching; invest in small plastic trophies to replicate your own ‘awards night.’ These please any age and show your guest that you appreciate them coming to your viewing party.

Pick something that everyone will enjoy.

A viewing party works well when you feature a movie or show that you may have seen, but that you are sure will go over well. This is not the time to try out a new Indie flick that you heard about; watch your indie movie on another night. Popular or iconic television shows that your guests are familiar with make an excellent choice for a party.

Get rid of the blahs by hosting a fun viewing party. Use the featured movie or television show to inspire your menu, venue, and party favors, creating a memorable evening for you and your guests. If you’re looking for cheap blu-ray television series, check out companies like Pristine Sales to see what they have available.

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Three Steps To Properly Preserve Your Original Oil Painting

Buying an original oil painting to display in your home can provide visual appeal and a touch of class to the room in which it hangs. Given the value of many oil paintings, owning such a piece of original artwork is about more than just hanging it on your wall and enjoying its look. To ensure that your oil painting remains vibrant for decades into the future, it’s important to be vigilant about taking the necessary steps to preserve it. Generally, properly preserving your oil painting includes being careful about its location, exposure to light and the overall environment in your home.


While it’s sensible to hang your original oil painting in a prominent spot in your home, be careful about locating the artwork where it can potentially be bumped by family members or objects. For example, you might like the idea of hanging the painting in a hallway under a directional pot light, but if the hallway is narrow, the painting can be at risk of you or a family member inadvertently brushing your shoulder against it, which can cause damage. Additionally, carrying something bulky down the hallway, such as a vacuum hose, can risk damage to the artwork. One ideal place of prominence for valuable artwork is about a wall unit or sofa, as people don’t commonly contact the wall in these areas.


Your oil painting should not hang in a spot that direct sunlight hits it. When you’re thinking of potential locations for the artwork, survey the rooms in your home at various times on a sunny day. As the sun rises and sets, you’ll likely see sunbeams hit your walls at various times. It’s best to keep the oil painting out of these areas. Sunlight can cause the oil paints to fade over time, which can reduce the art’s impact and even its value.


For optimal preservation and a reduced risk of damage, it’s best for your original oil painting to be placed in an area that doesn’t have extreme temperatures or humidity. Generally, you should plan to hang your painting in a room that stays around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is also important; the room’s humidity level should remain close to 55 percent. You can monitor these conditions by keeping a thermometer and hygrometer in the same room as the painting. Adjusting your furnace or air conditioner will allow you to keep the temperature consistent, which the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the time of year, is ideal for maintaining the proper humidity.

For more information on preserving your original oil painting, contact companies like the Silverman Gallery.

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Las Vegas Style Gambling In California: Where To Look

If you want to do some gambling but do not have the means to travel farther than the borders of California, you are in luck. There are just as many Indian casinos and privately owned casinos in the state as there are in Las Vegas, and several of them have lodgings and resorts in which you can stay while you play. If you are not sure where to look for California casinos, here is some starter information to get you going.

San Diego Casinos 

In a Californian city long known for its zoo and aquarium attractions, a major up-cropping of casinos, resorts and nightlife has emerged. This city is now quite the hub of Native American (Indian) casinos, as well as several private card houses. If you want a staycation with adult-only activities, then the multiple casinos and casino resorts in San Diego might be the ticket. (There are several of them in the city and surrounding area.)

Sacramento Casinos

In the state’s capital, there is so much to do you might never get bored. This city has at least four casinos that are currently licensed and operating, and you might even run into some of California’s rich and famous. Just be aware, though, that because the casinos reside and operate in California’s capital city, the prices to pay, play and stay at the casinos here are going to be a lot higher than if you select another California city and Californian casino.

Smaller Cities with Casinos (Eureka, Paso Robles, etc.)

There are several smaller cities in California which also have a casino or two. Since these smaller towns do not have the tourist pull that Sacramento or San Diego have, you can buy into a game for less and find a less expensive room in which to stay. The “small town” ambience is nice too, because when you are ready to stop gambling for the night and put your head to the pillow, there will not be a lot of noise or excessive neon lights flashing through your window. You get a taste of Las Vegas without all of the Las Vegas flash and noise, and for some people, this is better than Las Vegas itself.

A Word to the Wise

California’s Gambling Control Commission keeps track of all the casinos in the state, whether or not they have a valid license and whether or not they are currently in operation. If you want to have your gambling fun, be sure to check the licensing status of the casino you plan to visit before you go. You do not want your casino fun to be ruined by visiting an illegal operation.

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