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Posted by on Oct 14, 2016 in Uncategorized |

3 Personalized Gag Gifts that Are Fun to Give

Every now and then everyone appreciates a good laugh. A great way to have fun and make someone smile is to give them a personalized gag gift. There are a lot of unique and hilarious gag gifts out there, so finding one that your friend or family member will enjoy shouldn’t be too difficult. This article will discuss 3 personalized gag gifts that are fun to give. 

Prescription Bottle With Candy Inside 

A fun gag gift to give someone is going to involve a prescription bottle that is filled with candy instead of medicine. On the label of the medicine bottle a prescription will be written for the candy. For example, it may say “Take two of these every time you are feeling down,” and inside of the bottle there may be little chocolate candies, sugared candies, or whatever their favorite type of candy may be. This is a perfect gag gift for someone who you may feel is having a hard day, or simply needs a little humor in their life.

Coffee Mug

Another fun gag gift that you can have personalized is a coffee mug. This is a great one because coffee mugs can be used all of the time, and the personalization with likely make the person laugh, or at the very least smile, when they look at it. You can have a unique and funny saying on the coffee mug, such as, “I donut care” for someone who really loves to eat donuts or “I’m an old fart” for a friend or family member who has had a recent birthday. You can also get a coffee mug that has different measurements on it that have little sayings like, “I’m not even awake yet,” “Getting there,” and “Now you can talk to me.” These says are fun and simple, but also provide a level of personalization that make them even more comical for the person that you are giving them to. 

Anonymous Potato

A fun gift that many people often don’t think of is an anonymous potato. This is a potato that has a fun and creative saying carved into the actual potato. This potato is then delivered to the person of your choice and they get to unwrap it and see what the potato says. This is almost always going to make them laugh because it is something that they definitely aren’t going to be expecting.

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