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Fun And Funky Ideas For Wedding Photo Booth Themes

If you want to create light-hearted wedding photographs that go beyond the normal pictures of formally dressed people smiling with the venue in background, rent a photo booth for your wedding reception. To make renting a photo booth something that will excite your guests and inspire maximum participation, choose specific, fun themes for your wedding photo booth. Inform guests that the themes will change throughout the night to keep them coming back. Some of the themes that you may want to implement throughout the wedding reception are as follows.

New Orleans Mardi Gras Masquerade

Few things inspire intrigue quite like a masquerade ball. Implement a New Orleans Masquerade theme in your photo booth by offering around 10 Mardi Gras masks. These should be fairly ornate to do Mardi Gras justice, but try to make sure they only cover the eyes so loved ones can be easily identified in photo booth pics. Other fun accessories that you may want to include in addition to masks are:

  • Beads! – Everyone who has been to Mardi Gras will expect to be able to wear beads like those that are flown from floats throughout the festive occasion.
  • King and queen crowns – A King and Queen of Mardi Gras is named each year, and guests can enjoy the fun of proclaiming themselves the King or Queen for the photo.
  • Colorful hats – Red, green, and gold are the colors of Mardi Gras, and outrageous hats that include one, two or all of these colors are sure to be a hit.

A Groovy, Far-Out Brady Experience

“The Brady Bunch” became such an iconic phenomenon that it is widely celebrated to this day. This sweet sitcom that lasted only five seasons left a strong impact on American culture, and its sequel series, “The Brady Brides” with Jerry Houser and Ron Kulhman, is also beloved as much as the original show. So what could be better for your wedding than to celebrate being a Brady Bride yourself? Guests of all ages will get a kick out of the retro photo opportunities.

Stock the photo booth with Brady-type props. You can get commercially licensed costumes of all the Brady kids that are complete with wigs. That’s a good place to start. Here are some other essentials:

  • A ceramic horse – This prop survived for all the Brady sequels, including the 1990’s spoof feature films.
  • Balloons with words used by the Bradys – It’s not hard to find balloons with words like “far out”, “groovy”, and “neato”.
  • ’70’s-inspired fashion extras – Be sure to visit your local thrift shop and pick up some bell bottoms, fringe vests, ’70’s-style sunglasses, a pair of reading glasses without lenses (for those who want to portray Jan!), and platform shoes.

Finally, keep in mind that a rented wedding photo booth can serve to both entertain guests and provide lasting mementos for you and your guests. When you implement these themes, you also add another dimension of fun that all those who attend the wedding can enjoy. Years from now, you may look back on the reception and laugh at things that were said, done and photographed in the booth. Check out a company like Rockit Social Booth to learn more about wedding photo booths for rent.