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Beat The Blahs With An Awesome Hollywood Viewing Party

Whether you are sick of wintry weather or if you feel out of sorts due to work, a Hollywood viewing party is a great way to beat the blahs and lift your mood. You can choose a popular movie that is available for stream, or invest in a cheap television series on blu-ray or disc to feature during your party. For instance, invite coworkers over for a marathon of old westerns, a popular sit-com, or an old serial drama—all which seem to have timeless appeal.

Some other tips for throwing a viewing party that is sure to beat the blues are:

Make the menu simple, but inspired.

Since it is a Hollywood-inspired shindig, serve up some snacks that your guests will love to nosh on. Instead of going with the chip, dip, and pizza menu that many might expect at a party, serve some dishes inspired by what you are watching. For instance, if you are watching a television comedy that takes place in the south, serve up southern fare like fried chicken, hush puppies, and watermelon cocktails; if you are watching an old British serial, serve some scones, tiny sandwiches, and tea.

Where you watch is pretty important.

A viewing party requires a venue that will give everyone a seat with a view of the screen. During warm weather, consider doing it in someone’s backyard and projecting your show on the side of a house or garage; tell guests to bring blankets and pillows for sprawling on the lawn. If you are doing an after-work party with friends, keep it small and invite them to sit on sofas, chairs, and pillows on the floor.

Create some cool favors for your friends.

Give your guests something to remember the night with by assembling some party favors. Consider giving them movie-theater popcorn boxes filled with goodies inspired by whatever movie or show you are watching; invest in small plastic trophies to replicate your own ‘awards night.’ These please any age and show your guest that you appreciate them coming to your viewing party.

Pick something that everyone will enjoy.

A viewing party works well when you feature a movie or show that you may have seen, but that you are sure will go over well. This is not the time to try out a new Indie flick that you heard about; watch your indie movie on another night. Popular or iconic television shows that your guests are familiar with make an excellent choice for a party.

Get rid of the blahs by hosting a fun viewing party. Use the featured movie or television show to inspire your menu, venue, and party favors, creating a memorable evening for you and your guests. If you’re looking for cheap blu-ray television series, check out companies like Pristine Sales to see what they have available.