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Three Steps To Properly Preserve Your Original Oil Painting

Buying an original oil painting to display in your home can provide visual appeal and a touch of class to the room in which it hangs. Given the value of many oil paintings, owning such a piece of original artwork is about more than just hanging it on your wall and enjoying its look. To ensure that your oil painting remains vibrant for decades into the future, it’s important to be vigilant about taking the necessary steps to preserve it. Generally, properly preserving your oil painting includes being careful about its location, exposure to light and the overall environment in your home.


While it’s sensible to hang your original oil painting in a prominent spot in your home, be careful about locating the artwork where it can potentially be bumped by family members or objects. For example, you might like the idea of hanging the painting in a hallway under a directional pot light, but if the hallway is narrow, the painting can be at risk of you or a family member inadvertently brushing your shoulder against it, which can cause damage. Additionally, carrying something bulky down the hallway, such as a vacuum hose, can risk damage to the artwork. One ideal place of prominence for valuable artwork is about a wall unit or sofa, as people don’t commonly contact the wall in these areas.


Your oil painting should not hang in a spot that direct sunlight hits it. When you’re thinking of potential locations for the artwork, survey the rooms in your home at various times on a sunny day. As the sun rises and sets, you’ll likely see sunbeams hit your walls at various times. It’s best to keep the oil painting out of these areas. Sunlight can cause the oil paints to fade over time, which can reduce the art’s impact and even its value.


For optimal preservation and a reduced risk of damage, it’s best for your original oil painting to be placed in an area that doesn’t have extreme temperatures or humidity. Generally, you should plan to hang your painting in a room that stays around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is also important; the room’s humidity level should remain close to 55 percent. You can monitor these conditions by keeping a thermometer and hygrometer in the same room as the painting. Adjusting your furnace or air conditioner will allow you to keep the temperature consistent, which the use of a humidifier or dehumidifier, depending on the time of year, is ideal for maintaining the proper humidity.

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