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Las Vegas Style Gambling In California: Where To Look

If you want to do some gambling but do not have the means to travel farther than the borders of California, you are in luck. There are just as many Indian casinos and privately owned casinos in the state as there are in Las Vegas, and several of them have lodgings and resorts in which you can stay while you play. If you are not sure where to look for California casinos, here is some starter information to get you going.

San Diego Casinos 

In a Californian city long known for its zoo and aquarium attractions, a major up-cropping of casinos, resorts and nightlife has emerged. This city is now quite the hub of Native American (Indian) casinos, as well as several private card houses. If you want a staycation with adult-only activities, then the multiple casinos and casino resorts in San Diego might be the ticket. (There are several of them in the city and surrounding area.)

Sacramento Casinos

In the state’s capital, there is so much to do you might never get bored. This city has at least four casinos that are currently licensed and operating, and you might even run into some of California’s rich and famous. Just be aware, though, that because the casinos reside and operate in California’s capital city, the prices to pay, play and stay at the casinos here are going to be a lot higher than if you select another California city and Californian casino.

Smaller Cities with Casinos (Eureka, Paso Robles, etc.)

There are several smaller cities in California which also have a casino or two. Since these smaller towns do not have the tourist pull that Sacramento or San Diego have, you can buy into a game for less and find a less expensive room in which to stay. The “small town” ambience is nice too, because when you are ready to stop gambling for the night and put your head to the pillow, there will not be a lot of noise or excessive neon lights flashing through your window. You get a taste of Las Vegas without all of the Las Vegas flash and noise, and for some people, this is better than Las Vegas itself.

A Word to the Wise

California’s Gambling Control Commission keeps track of all the casinos in the state, whether or not they have a valid license and whether or not they are currently in operation. If you want to have your gambling fun, be sure to check the licensing status of the casino you plan to visit before you go. You do not want your casino fun to be ruined by visiting an illegal operation.

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