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Visiting A Casino For The First Time? Here Are Some Unspoken Rules Of Tipping Etiquette

If you’re planning a trip to the casino like Fort McDowell Casino for the first time, you might think that everything about the experience is all fun and games. While having fun is at the top of your wish list, along with winning some cash at the casino games, there are some unspoken tipping rules that any casino enthusiast should remember. This guide outlines who you should tip and an estimated amount, so that you can have that money set aside you leave the house.

Tips for Table Game Attendants and Dealers

Dealers and attendants of the poker, roulette and craps tables work hard to give you a good experience. They have no control over how the game plays out or whether you win or lose.

These professionals are there to make money, just as you are, so use proper etiquette and tip around five dollars for each session. This means that if you are sitting at a table, and a new dealer relieves the one there, give the dealer leaving a chip or cash as they leave. Likewise, leave the chip or cash on the table if you decide to leave the game.

Tips for Slot Game Attendants

Tip any slot game attendant that you summon to the machine for any reason. Sometimes all you need to tip is a dollar or two, but something is always better than nothing.

You may not need an attendant at all, but if the machine freezes use proper etiquette and tip the person that helps you. Other times you need to tip a slot game attendant include:

  • When they make change for you at the machine or on the floor.
  • When you win a jackpot and they bring you the cash.

Tips for Cocktail Servers

Under regular circumstances, you would tip a server anywhere from 10 percent to 20 percent of your tab. A casino is a bit different. In most of these businesses, you aren’t charged for drinks, or even food as long as you’re playing the games. This can leave a bit of confusion as to how to properly tip.

Tip these professionals at least $1 for each food or beverage item they bring you. Feel free to tip a little more, but try not to tip less than that. If you’re playing a slot game and all of your money is tied up in the game, try to refrain from ordering a drink until you cash out your ticket and have some cash on hand. However, if you just want a little water and the server is walking by, most won’t mind handing you a bottle from their tray and won’t care if you tip or not. Just don’t make a habit of this.

Keep your tip money in a separate section of your wallet and use it generously while visiting a casino. Try not to use it to play the games and treat those that help you with respect. Remember it’s not their fault if you lose and they are there to do a job and make money serving you.

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