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Three Fun Party Rental Ideas For Your Young Child’s Birthday

Are you planning an exciting birthday celebration for your child? For a most memorable event, consider party rentals to delight and entertain the kids. Depending upon the age group, party rentals such as concessions, inflatables and games can enliven the day. Here are three party rental items that you can get from companies like Ken Rent to help you incorporate those aspects into the mix:

1. A Fun-Filled Cotton Candy Maker and Accessories

Here’s one concession you won’t want to pass up when ordering your child’s birthday party rentals. Kids of all ages love colorful cotton candy. The package will generally include everything needed to make and serve cotton candy, including the cotton candy machine with instructions for use.

Be sure the package includes enough cones to supply to all of your child’s guests. Typically, this should include 25 cones, or the option to upgrade. Cotton candy floss sugar and flossine will usually be included, in basic colors such as pink and blue.

Accessories you might rent separately include cotton candy tray holders (to place the finished cones), or even a neon cotton candy sign to attract the guests. Also, ask about cotton candy bags and a “display tree” with clips.

2. Yard Inflatables

This is a great party rental idea for the backyard. If you have enough space, consider renting one or more of the following:

  • Sports themed inflatables: How about an inflatable baseball pitch tent to test a child’s pitching abilities? The popular inflatable basketball shoot is fun for kids and adults alike. An inflatable robotic mechanical “bull” is another fun idea.

  • Water inflatables: If your child celebrates a summer birthday, this is a fun outdoor idea. The water inflatables connect to a water supply and ordinary garden hose for great summertime fun.

  • Bounce House Inflatables: Toddlers and preschoolers especially love these. Some rentals will include play balls, too. Sizes are typically from 12–25 feet in diameter.

  • Inflatable “Castles” and Playhouses: Any theme you choose should make the kids happy. Choose a gender-neutral playhouse if guests include both boys and girls.

3. Party Rental Games

Party rental supplies for the kids include everything from bean bag toss games to bumper ball. How about a clown toss game? The kids try to toss a bean bag into the colorful clown’s “mouth”. The winners receive a prize of your choice.

What You Should Know

It’s a good idea to ask about the electricity requirements for your rentals. Also, if you’re renting bounce houses and inflatables, ask about ground surface requirements. Can you play them on concrete or grass?

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